and chlorofluorocarbon compounds are the

With consideration that methane, carbon dioxide, and chlorofluorocarbon compounds are the by-products of human activities such as driving cars, electricity usage, and burning of fossil fuels, it could be assessed that with increased numbers of cars are driven, electricity used, forests cut down, fossil fuels burned, as well as struggling and industrialized nations drive to sustain their economies by producing exponential amounts of goods, jobs, and services, the more and more harmful by-product compounds are created. These compounds which occur naturally in small doses (ie; natural degradation/decay of organic matter) are unfortunately produced on a much larger scale, often faster, and in more volume as population growth is experienced. Human contribution to overconsumption of natural resources on the planet is undeniable.

The part of the atmosphere where excess carbon dioxide accumulates has expanded and warmed dramatically in recent years precisely during the period when emissions from human activity ha

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