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With this letter, I wouldlike to express my interest in studying at the University of Tartu as a master’sdegree student in European Union-Russia Studies programme. I am currently in mysenior year in the Political Science and International Relations Department atYeditepe University in Istanbul.  I willbe completing my undergraduate studies in June 2018.  Ever since high school, Ihave been interested in global politics and relations between states. Thatinterest has become a motivating factor for me in discovering the path whichwill take me to my future career.

With the first summer break during myundergraduate studies, I wanted to enhance my language skills and do what wasthe most fascinating thing for me, that is, travelling across differentcountries. For this purpose, I did the Interrail with my friends. The Interrailexperience proved to be a formative one since I was able to meet differentpeople from various countries, found out about their cultures and lifestyles. Aftertouring many corners of Europe, I realized that I wanted to continue myacademic efforts in the field of European Studies. Additionally, the EuropeanUnion course that I took at my university encouraged and motivated me in thatrespect. Boosted by the strong desire to learn the Russian language, my interestin European Studies merged with a curiosity for Russian foreign policy. As everyonefamiliar with European politics already knows, Europe has a dependence on Russianenergy sources.

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This connection and dependency between Europe and Russia stimulatesmy interest in exploring that relation. Therefore, the program offered by the University ofTartu is like a program tailored according to my needs.  During other summer breaks, Iattended various programmes and summer schools. When I was an intern at QNBFinansbank, I experienced the finance and economics environment and developedmy professional relations. I also participated at the Kadir Has University JeanMonnet Summer Module II in Istanbul and the DESCnet Summer School “EuropeanIntegration and Energy Security” in Yerevan. These summer schools helped meimprove my knowledge on Europe. Thanks to these experiences, I had theopportunity to discuss European Union’s energy policy with various people from amultitude of areas and representing a variety of perspectives.

Plus, I had achance to enhance my research skills and learn from that research experience. Theresearch that I conducted in Yerevan was based on European Union’s energypolicy, integration process and neighbourhood policy. This effort gave me theopportunity to evaluate economic dependency and trade relations among states.  Moreover, the YeditepeUniversity International Relations Students’ Club – in which I served as anexecutive board member and head of the organization team for a over a year- createdso many favourable circumstances under which I could improve my comprehension,ability of teamwork, leadership and crisis management skills. Under the roofprovided by the Club, we organised a range of conferences, conventions andsymposiums.

To give an example, we were one of the parties hosting the ‘FirstAnnual Convention of the Association of European Studies for the Caucacus’. Iwas privileged to acquire valuable information from distinguished professorslike Professor Andrey Makarychev duringthe event.  One of my goals in aiming atcarrying on with my studies is to improve my linguistic skills. Having studiedEnglish language throughout my education in Turkey, I was able to take part inthe language classes in the University of Northampton and the Whittier College.

Additionally, I acquired basic knowledge on Russian language by participatingin the Introduction to Russian Language class at Yeditepe University. I went toMoscow to practice Russian and will attend another language course during mylast semester to enhance my current level. Furthermore, I have fundamentalcommand over Italian language as the high school I studied in offered Italianlanguage courses. I regard myself to be a highly motivated and diligent student. Iam certain to carry on with the dedication I have always worked with toaccomplish my goals and gain further insight in international relations.

In the future, after obtaining my master’s degree, Iwould like to pursue a job opportunity in one of the EU institutions and amplanning to specialize on European Union’s external affairs and enlargementpolicies. I am convinced that a degree from the University of Tartu will grantme the necessary skills and knowledge. I consider this programme as a great occasion to familiarizewith the Estonian culture and education system.

Last but not the least, I amvery curious about the different approaches to European Unions’s policiesstudied in a foreign university. With its reputation in theacademia, MA programme in EU-Russia Relations in the University of Tartupresents an invaluable environment for my personal development. Being acceptedto such university will enable me to broaden my perspective and strengthen mydetermination. Besides, becoming a member of the University of Tartu communityis an entitlement in itself.  I would earnestly invite you to consider mycandidature, hoping that you would provide me with the opportunity to be a partof your esteemed university.Yours sincerely, Mehmet Efe P?RL?BEYL?O?LU


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