With to double under the H1-B visa program

With immigration reform being the main priority on the Trump Administration agenda, enforcing tighter immigration laws will have a negative impact on many immigrants. Changes in the immigration rules will reshape how immigrants currently live, work, produce, and consume in America. The IT services industry, in particular, has a high percentage of Indians as employees. If labor costs rise sufficiently, one rule change would cause the minimum wage to double under the H1-B visa program and margins are sure to shrink dramatically (Trivedi, 2017).

The $200 billion tariffs placed on Chinese goods will negatively affect U.S. companies such as Apple. Majority of Apple products such as the iPhone, Apple watch and wireless earbuds are manufactured in China. If the imposed tariffs are implemented, Mr. Trump’s economic goal of restoring American manufacturing may be fulfilled.

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Apple will have to consider constructing manufacturing plants in the U.S. to dodge expense associated with tariffs to continue to boost their profits. Apple building manufacturing plants will produce more job opportunities for Americans, downscale the unemployment rate, and strengthen the growth of the job market. Adding $200 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods will also cause a delay in U.S.

tech companies like Intel Corp., Cisco Systems Inc, Dell Technologies, etc from rolling out the fifth-generation wireless services. Raising the costs for goods required to build the fifth-generation wireless networks will slow down the pace of technology adoption in the U. S. economy. This lag in adoption will cause America firms and institutions to fall behind foreign competitors who are not subject to the same tariffs (Greene, 2018).

In addition, those incurred fees will be passed off on consumers i.e. increased prices in mobile plans.


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