With Americans may feel as if this

With the issue of poverty in the United States continuing to grow, it is time to put a stop to it. 500,000 individuals living in the United States are currently homeless.

Another 6,520,000 citizens are currently employed. A simple and easy fix would be to force the homeless and unemployed citizens to live within their local landfill. Each state will be assigned one landfill for it’s citizens to reside in.

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This would provide the homeless people with a nice cardboard box or newspaper to sleep on. These individuals will not be able to escape due to the electric fence surrounding them. They can’t live unsupervised so the previous landfill workers will remain there to provide them with supervision. They would be assigned a job allowing them to sort through recycling, ultimately helping the enviorment. Society will be making constant donations to these homeless citizens by providing them with their thrown away, leftover food.

The citizens of the landfill will never have to worry about being hungry again. Knowing that it is for a good cause, people will feel better about throwing away millions of dollars of wasted food. Homeless people will also get great use out of peoples used toiltetries, appliances, and furniture that they have decided to throw away. Not only would these suffering Americans get a place to call home, they also get plenty of food to make sure they have the necessary strength to complete their job of sorting through trash. Many Americans may feel as if this solution is too inhumane and cruel but it benefits everyone. The homeless are given a place to live, food to eat, and are finally employed. The city residents are rewarded through the use of reuseable goods.

With the poverty rate continuing to rise this seems to be the only solution, giving the homeless a life they deserve and the city residents peace knowing that the poverty stricken individuals will no longer be roaming the streets.


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