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With the rapid developmental era of information technology, online shopping becomes easier and more popular  all over the world. While it is true that Internet-based purchases has generated numerous benefits, there are a number of disadvantages to put into consideration.

On one hand, the merits of online shopping cannot be questionable. To begin with, what holds the most importance is that placing online orders proves itself as a time-saving form of shopping. This is because that using time in right way is very necessary in busy life. For instance, customers can buy clothes  with simple process on websites instead of going to a boutique to buy them. As a result, this form of shopping is extremely practical and swift.  In addition, it is undeniable that online shopping offers an abundance of choices to customers.

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The reason is that consumers can find every product, ranging from household appliances, electronic devices, or fashion accessories to services such as health-care, beauty salon.This means that online shopping make customers step into modern shopping world.However, online shopping could involve some drawbacks that require further discussion.

In the first place, the items received are not likely to reflect the similar conditions as presented on the websites. The reason is that images in websites which is edited by photographer is relatively twinkling, eye-catching and greatlly different from products that customers received. Therefore, customers will be disappointed and lose trust for shopping online. Another restraint worth mentioning is that it is especially challenging to shop for fashion items since people cannot try them on. Lots of consumers pay a large amount of money for buying clothes, but they do not fit, especially they cannot return it.

Consequently, customers should make a deliberate decision when they order any items on websites to avoid dissatisfaction.To summarize, there is no doubt that while many advantages can be identified thanks to online shopping, it will bring some unpleasant loss as a result. It is advisable to become a smart consumer and make a reasonable decision so that customers can buy high-quality products. 


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