With a statistics of Australian kids’ online

With the rapid development of new technology every year, parents these days will somehow give their children access to gadgets. From a statistics of Australian kids’ online behaviour, it shows that children from age 8 to 11 uses multiple gadgets at home, ranging from a smartphone to a handheld gaming console. (Rosalie O’Neale) These youngsters are not engaging themselves, they’re being engaged by a gadget so there’s no innovativeness, there’s no creative energy and no self-inception. These things are, imperative for supportability and your own self-satisfaction and happiness when they are older. (Cris Rowan) Unlimited access to technology and gadgets do have both positive and negative effects.

From my point of view, children should not be given unlimited access to gadgets. Unlimited access to technology and gadgets would hinder the growth of the child from many different aspects, and also the safety of children.First and foremost, children’s mental health could be affected by excessive use of gadgets. Children these days invest more time in front of a screen and they do not know the joy of playing outside and making friends at the playground. Indeed, even 10 minutes of physical movement changes the way the cerebrum capacities. What’s more, a practice typically improves individuals feel since it “builds and conditions the brain.” (Aby League, 16th February 2015). When children kept on using gadget excessively, it leads to addiction.

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Addiction to gadgets will cause children to fight for the access to their gadgets, and this will increase children’s aggression level towards their parents. Addiction on gadgets can cause sleep deprivation of children as 60% of parents do not oversee their children’s gadget usage at night, and 75% of children are allowed to use their gadgets in their bedrooms. When children are unsupervised, they tend to use their gadgets for entertainment purposes for as long as they want, and this causes them not getting enough sleep at night. Besides that, constantly using gadgets will shorten children’s attention span. For example, when children are doing homework, gadgets will affect their attention to their homework, as they were lured by the entertainment available on their gadget. When all of the effects gather up, it will become mental illness for children and lead to children suffering from a mental health issue.Next, children will be too dependent on gadgets in their daily life when given unlimited access to technology and gadgets. Children these days prefer doing all their things on a smartphone or computer, and they prefer typing over writing using pen and paper.

For example, many children never remember telephone numbers because their phones have an awesome contact list which makes remembering phone numbers avoidable. (Kelsea Burns, 2013) Moreover, children these days rely on calculator so much that they need it for a very simple mathematics calculation. This can prove that children with access to technology and gadgets do not like to think and analyse, but rather to use a quick way to solve a problem. Also, dependent on technology and gadgets can affect children’s social skills as they only interact with their gadgets and not real people. For example, children these days are having a hard time ordering food at a stall because applications on their gadgets can help them to do it by just clicking a few buttons.

Because of this, children who are dependent on technology and gadgets are becoming introverts, and do not converse with other people.On the other hand, giving access to technology and gadgets to children is still beneficial to them as they will be exposed to a limitless source of information and knowledge on the internet. Children can learn skills online by using their gadgets.

However, if children are not careful, they might fall into traps set up by a scammer or sexual predator that could potentially bring harm to them. A child can easily be a victim of the sexual stalker and online bullying. In many cases all around the world talking about the risks of the world, parents must be cautious and be aware of their children’s online activities. (Anna Morari).It can be concluded that even though there’s no denying the advancing technology does help children particularly student in getting information rapidly and getting answers for their problems, there are still a lot of disadvantages. Parents should limit the time their children spend on gadgets, and at the same time not completely restricting them from using gadgets. Parents should be aware of the real danger of gadgets and how it can create a bad impact on the development of the children.

Parents should educate their children to let them understand the effects of gadgets towards them and not just simply not giving them access to it. Also, parents should monitor their children’s online activity in order to prevent them from cyberbullying and traps. Parents are also encouraged to emphasize to their children what the present reality can offer to the children than what is inside the screen of their gadget to enable children to comprehend the equilibrium of utilising gadgets and intriguing things that await them to be explored. Lastly, technology and gadgets are indeed a very good invention ever came up by humans to make our lives way easier than before. According to Christian Lous Lange, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” When it is utilised the proper way, it will bring advantage to us.

When it is being used improperly, there are tons of things will affect us.


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