With are not addressed, it can reflect negatively

With the rise of criminal acts, hiring a security expert might help in preventing crimes and provide a safer environment for the guest, the staff and the community surrounding it. The security expert can help identify weakness in a property’s proactive net.

By reviewing criminal activity statistics, or the “crime grid” available from most police department, he is able to layer appropriate proactive measures. If security issues are not addressed, it can reflect negatively on the hotel, affecting the hotel’s business in the long run. (Parafinczuk, 2017)SafetyDepending on the position, hotel employees are vulnerable to a wide range of potential injuries or safety concerns resulting from 3 key causes.

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Employee not properly trained for a task.Employee not assigned proper equipment (gloves, glasses etc.)Employee not following proper procedures.(Alananzeh, 2017)Hygiene is identified as a key risk in the hospitality industry. It is reported that the hospitality industry is often adversely impacted by the effect of pandemic diseases such as SARS and swine flu. Hygiene can be further classified as hygiene standards and physical safety as shown below.Personal information of a guest should be kept properly and not be shown to anyone else of the public. Personal information would not only include the age, credit card details, name but also the arrival dates of the guest, personal comments made by the guest themselves.

It is reported by The Federal Trade Commission that identity fraud is one of the quickest growing white-collar crimes. Identity thieves will use the information of the guest to commit frauds, steal money and charge items to credit account. (Barber, 2007)


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