Within much security can be a detrimental to

Within in the modern business world security management has taken on a wider role than just the idea of a sole night watchman.

Today’s security manager needs to have a much broader understanding of their role with in the structure of the corporate world. The idea of the security department of any organisation being in the business of telling people what they cannot do is counter productive. A security manager now needs to ensure they are completely in tune with the strategic goals of their company and be able to facilitate the reduction of loss and risks. We will now take a closer look at what the area of security management entails.Security management is the process of protecting a company or organisations assets, whether physical or intellectual, whilst supporting the strategic goals. Along side the protection of the physical and intellectual property is also important for the security manager to consider the reputation and image of the company when considering any policies to be implemented.

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To much security can be a detrimental to the company in terms of cost and image, whereas a lack of security leaves vulnerabilities unchecked. The adage “security measures must be commensurate to the threat” leaves the security manager trying to find the balance between an overbearing and restrictive security regime and leaving a company open to threats by having to little security. In today’s business models the security management function is not a stand alone, it is an integral part of the corporate structure, whilst depending on the size of the company the security manager can be expected do deal with upper levels of management.

They may not have direct access to a board, but should have access to senior management to facilitate the smooth flow of security related information up and down the corporate structure.


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