Within progressively essential .The international inhabitants will likely

Within a few years ,we can expect the planet do become more populated, resources more valuable ,and city organizers progressively essential .

The international inhabitants willlikely increase and more than half will reside in cities.So there are a lot ofquestions being introduced up about our future .What will places look like ?Will we have the time to energy and offer compfortness in our residents? Willinternational urbanization balance or will head us on collision ? No-one really knowswhat the upcoming keeps, but the reality now is that our city areas arecongested and contaminated. To start developing wiser city surroundings, bothnew places needed to maintain an ever-growing inhabitants on the ones that wewere living in for hundreds of years .We also can say that everyone is lookingmore and more forward to reside in the big places , and that is a problem . A problem , becausetraffic jams are getting worse, queues longer and transport networks more proneto delays, power outages more common.Urban planning is the  way to make this phenomena decrease itsdamages.

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We can not say if it can solve it because population is increasing dayby day.Today, cities around the world are making their streets friendlier tobikes and pedestrians by passing laws restricting car travel.Building andexpanding the cities provides places for more people but  in the other hand this expansion is bad forthe environment.Everyday urban planners try to develop and think of many waysto provide more and more people to live in a comfortable way without destroyingthe environment .Energy pricesincrease  regularly due to thecontinuously increasing needs of humanity.

The western world is alreadysuffering from this phenomena. And not only those cities which do not havetheir own sources  and have to regularlybuy resources from other nations, but also those who think about the upcomingand understand that resources are not endless and saving at least some of themnowadays will give the opportunity to exist in the upcoming years. The needfor  energy resources increases  not only every day, but even everysecond.  Lack  and the continuous limitation of energyresources lead to an unavoidable conversion in the near upcoming to alternativeoptions .

By using urban planning there is hope. By using urban planning there is hope. If transportation is providedmore and more , if more  bicycle laneswill be build and also if more hydropower plants  will be buildnear the big cities , the problem with this resources would be decreased.Andthat is thanks to urban planning.Sustainableurbanization is key to successful growth. If well managed, places offeressential possibilities for financial growth and for increasing access tosolutions, such as medical care and education, for a lot of individuals.Offering public transit, as well as real estate, power, water and cleanlinessfor a largely resolved city human inhabitants is typically less expensive andless ecologically destructive than providing a similar level of solutions to aallocated non-urban inhabitants.

In summary , theprocess of urbanization traditionally has been associated with other essentialfinancial and social changes, which have introduced greater geographicalflexibility,lower infertility, long lifestyle span and inhabitantsaging.Nevertheless, fast and unexpected city growth intends maintainable growthwhen the necessary facilities is not designed or when guidelines are notutilized to ensure that the benefits of city lifestyle are equitablydistributed. Careful  planning should beconsidered in order to have the future that we seek about.


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