Within well-being of all patients. However, this explanatory

Within the nursing profession, it is vital that all nurses and other health professionals use therapeutic communication; this makes the experience more favourable and respectful for the patients. The goal of effective therapeutic communication in nursing is to build an environment for the patient, so they feel safe, valued, and respected while they are being looked after. Nurses work hard to attain the best appropriate outcome possible for the health and well-being of all patients.

However, this explanatory synthesis will explore firstly, self-awareness and how it is essential as a nurse to understand his or her self and how it can affect their therapeutic relationship with the patient and how it is needed for proper effective therapeutic communication. Secondly, Therapeutic communication is given through verbal and nonverbal communication and how it all helps create therapeutic relationships. Finally, person-centred care will be explored as this help with gathering all the relevant, needed information for a person to make a diagnosis through respecting patients values and adjusting to their care. It is crucial to have self-awareness, therapeutic communication, and person-centred care when building mutual trust, non-judgemental and respectful therapeutic relationships between a nurse and patient. Nurses care for their patients in many different ways such as administering medication, taking vital signs and also by bathing and wound care.

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Nurses in all medical fields need to address and adopt strategies to be aware of all barriers in communication.


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