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Without rules and regulations all civilization would plunge into chaos, as there would be nothing protecting us from one another’s most basic self serving instincts, and sometimes self-destructive habits.

Often time’s simple rules and regulations protect us from ourselves, such as not touching a hot furnace or driving through an intersection when the light is red. If we look just at laws of the road one can quickly see how many devastating accidents would occur (and how many lives would be ruined) if no one followed the rules of the road. Without the utmost care to follow these rules, things that could easily be prevented may happen, resulting in very negative things.In societies there has to be a guideline–something that regulates …show more content… The difference between a law and a rule is that the law describes what the rule is in a negative way, meaning it does state the terms of the broken rule as on “sex with a minor” and describes a proscribed penalty the breaker of the rule has to expect.Rules do establish a society: For example, Hammurabi, who to my knowledge formed the first society known, established the rule that “the strong shall carry the weak”. It was a rule of significance, because this rule showed the responsibility of those who were strong.

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Without the rules we would be living in some sort of anarchy, a society where everyone could just do what they wanted to without having to worry about consequences. Rules do establish a sense of accountability–to each other, to the neighbors, to the government–without rules we would only be a bunch of savages….Being in the United States Army raises the bar of importance for following rules and regulations due to the extreme situations that a soldier will find himself/herself in. Failing to pick up on small details or following seemingly small rules and regulations in combat can make the difference between coming home in a seat on a plane or inside a box in the cargo hold of the that plane.

Not only is that true for yourself, but it is equally true for your Battle Buddies.For family rules to work well, everyone needs to know, understand, and follow the rules. By doing this, children don’t get mixed messages about what is okay or not okay. For example, you may feel that jumping on the bed is a dangerous behavior. You set a family rule that “The bed will be used only for sitting, lying, or sleeping.

” If another caregiver jumps on the bed, your child may be confused. Your child may think this behavior is sometimes okay. Your child’s behavior will be better if all caregivers support the rules in the same way. This is true for parents, grandparents, or any other caregivers in your child’s life.

Family rules help children understand what behaviors are okay and not okay. As children grow, they will be in places where they have to follow rules. Following rules at home can help children learn to follow rules in other places.It is normal for children to break rules and test limits. Breaking a rule is a child’s way of learning about his world. Consistent follow through with consequences when rules are broken help your child have a clear understanding about the importance of rules. Remember, young kids sometimes break rules because they simply forget. Not all broken rules occur because kids are testing the limits.

But, our responses should be the same no matter what the reason for breaking the rule.Family rules help create structure. A family rule is a specific, clear statement about behaviors you expect from your child.

Family rules may be specific to a situation, like dinner time rules. They can also be specific to behaviors that are never okay, like running in the house. Whatever the reason for the rule, your child’s behavior and your relationship can be better with rules. Rules work best when there is consistency, predictability, and follow-through.When used appropriately, rules provide a sense of predictability and consistency for children, thereby promoting physical and emotional safety. Prioritize and establish a few rules that are the most important.

More than that can overwhelm children, setting them up for failure.ollowing instructions is a part of everyday life. It is the child’s ability to act on requests by others. … When children engage with their peers, they often give each other instructions in play (e.

g. “Can you put the doll in the bed?” or “Let’s make the train go to the station, then get all the people”).Rule of Law 3. As citizens we respect the laws because they are clearly communicated and fairly enforced.

Everyone is held accountable to the same laws, and those laws protect our fundamental rights. This is the foundation of the rule of law in the United States.The law is important for a society for it serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. .

.. Without law there would be chaos and it would be survival of the fittest and everyman for himself. Not an ideal lifestyle for most part. The law is important because it acts as a guideline as to what is accepted in society.Directions tell someone how to do something or in which order to do something. For many of your assignments and tests, you are given a set of directions.

It is important to understand the purpose of the directions. It is also important to read ALL of the directions before beginning something.In addition, rules are important because they are guidelines to what is acceptable and what is not. Without Rules people may be injured, disadvantaged and in some way when rules are broken people’s life becomes in danger.

Also, rules must obeyed to avoid injustice, fairness , and chaos among people.In addition, rules are important because they are guidelines to what is acceptable and what is not. Without Rules people may be injured, disadvantaged and in some way when rules are broken people’s life becomes in danger. Also, rules must obeyed to avoid injustice, fairness , and chaos among people.


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