Womenomics It is an important term to

Womenomics refers to a change in the way persons and organizations address their work, as a result of the growth in the value of “women in the workforce”. It is an important term to discuss in Jordan’s employment of female workers because, it advocates the increase in the value of women as a person and in any organization women find themselves. It is aimed at modifying the legality and worthiness of the “female economic empowerment.”(Breaking through Glass Doors Page 12)

Some interesting findings from the Arabic textbooks used are;
– The recent report of The World Economic Forum ranks Jordan 140 among 142 countries with reference to the participation of women in economic activity.
– After the analysis of the subcommittee on Gender Equality Technical Team, it was discovered that the gender content of Jordanian textbooks in 2008 was affected by the gender entity of the author.
I find these to be interesting because, firstly the position of Jordan in the ranking of The World Economic Forum reflects the true position of where Jordan is in terms of how much privilege the women in the Jordan society get from both individuals and organizations. Also, the analysis of the subcommittee on Gender Equality Technical Team, shows that textbooks were used as a tool for promoting the gender of the author.

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Below are strategies that I think could be helpful, in promoting gender equality in Jordan.
– A new curriculum should be created and regulated, so as to ensure that no gender is given preference over the other.
– Policies and regulations that are established should be those that promote gender equality.
– Employees should be treated without bias irrespective of their gender.
– The perceived inferior genders should be given same privilege as the predominant gender, even if it involves contesting for leadership positions.

In Nigeria, Men have been very dominant in almost every aspect of life. Women are not supported when they have the intention of taking up major leadership positions, whether in organizations where they work, in the society where they live or even in political elections. It is perceived that, as a result of their domestic commitment, they cannot perform efficiently when they ascend leadership positions. This perception can be corrected by, starting a campaign which is geared towards enlightening the society that even with the domestic responsibility, the women are as effective as the men when it involves leadership. Other nations where women are leaders like Germany and Croatia, should be used as references.


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