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WordCount- 1007Title- Have a look at the newtechnologies and trends in Mobile app developmentSmartphones have becomeinevitable parts of our lives. Whether it is about waking up in the morningwith the morning alarm or constantly updating your friends about your wellbeingand whereabouts by text messages, everything is done by using your smartphones.The businesses need to reach where their audiences are and most of theaudiences are now found on the smartphones.

Mobile apps are used byaudiences of all age groups whether it is a 5 years old kid or an adult.Everyone is nowadays engaged in their mobile apps and hence it is the best wayto reach your audience. To keep up with the pace it is very important for thebusinesses to use latest trends and technologies in mobile app development.Everyone likes what is in trend and hence to promote your business you need touse latest trends and technologies for your mobile apps. Artificialintelligence- To make a breakthrough in Mobile appsArtificial intelligencemakes a breakthrough in building technologies and improving their capabilitiesfor mobile applications.

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Using advanced analytics and cognitive interfaces tosophisticated systems and machine learning technologies, AI technology providesbusiness users with unprecedented insight. Because of these advantages, bigcompanies like Google and Facebook have started investing and acquiring expertsin artificial intelligence. Soon artificial intelligence will be seen used byevery business to develop their mobile apps.

It is one of the most lovedtechnological trends in mobile apps. GPSin the mobile applications- Making it easy for the customersWith the availabilityand ease of use of GPS on all today’s mobile devices, Location Based Serviceswill begin to progress to provide users with real-time information ortransactions based on their location. Several key areas where LBS can beimplemented and used are interior maps, location-specific payment portals,retail offers, security features, navigation, travel, and tourism. Leadingtechnology giants have recently made significant purchases in the LBS space andBeacon technology is also gaining in popularity. As services vanish veryquickly, hardware advancements in this particular area will also enabledevelopers and businesses to thrive in 2018.

Swift-Another programming language to make it easy for youSwift is the nextgeneration programming language for iOS developers. Most mobile applicationdevelopers confirm that it is easier than Objective-C. Although Swift will notimmediately replace Objective-C, 2018 will receive a lot of attention. With therelease of Swift 2, it offers a series of new, developer-friendly features thatthe new programming language is of course left behind.

It helps a lot in mobileapp development. Businesses rely on their audiences and hence it is importantto make the mobile apps user-friendly as well as easily navigational for thecustomers. Riseof AR/VR in Mobile app developmentFor a long time, mobileapps that use augmented reality have been considered gimmicks for promotionalpurposes.

But as time goes by, more and more applications start to apply AR tomore useful tasks. With the addition of wearable devices, AR tools can be usedmore efficiently and efficiently than ever before. In this case, recognition ofa word or phrase is something that can be used in a messenger application orthe like. The world of apps will witness many AR projects that will go beyondgames and fun. AR helps to add numbers to virtual information to provide a morerealistic and clear perspective.

AR intertwined applications will graduallypenetrate the retail, life sciences, manufacturing, and many other areas.Importanceof Enterprise Mobile applicationsEnterprise mobileapplications are a great way to create a mobile business operation that keepsin touch with large teams. This gives a satisfying and safe working atmospherein order to maintain effective interaction with customers. These applicationsmake daily business management tasks easier and more efficient on revenue.M-Commerce-Latest trend in Mobile app development M-commerce is anothertrend that makes a big impact on the sales of businesses. It is a great idea tomake your business website assessable through your mobile application.

This canhelp in increasing your potential customers and your conversion rate. Thishelps in making your sales higher and boosts your business. Mobile commerce isapplicable for business to business, B2C, and C2C sales. This is an outstandingidea to make a stronger relationship with your customers. M-commerce istrending nowadays to its fullest. Makeyour mobile apps secure for the customersThe security ofsmartphones has become more important than ever, as the sensitivity and amountof user data on smartphones reside in other accounts and contacts.Surprisingly, a large number of people are still not serious about the safetyof smartphones, which is a very concerned about the application developers.

Applications with built-in security can make a huge difference here and shouldbe given more priority whether you’re accessing the application itself at the APIlevel or using simple code. Make full use of security features and make yourbusiness apps secure for the users to gain the trust of users. This will helpyou in making your business app more loved by the users. Worldof internet of thingsInternet of Things isone of today’s hottest topics.

It also helps various businesses in all fields.In the retail business will play a significant role, but also affect theautomotive, medical, education and other industries. The coming year, theInternet of things will have a tremendous impact in the world of applicationdevelopment. This will lead to a revolutionary change in business and everydaylife.ConclusionFollowing are the latestadvancements in the application development. Business owners should startopting for mobile app development to promote their products and services.

It isrecommended to follow the latest trends and technologies in mobile developmentto make their businesses loved by the customers. Mobile apps are used by peopleof all age groups and can be used as a wonderful tool in business promotion.Choose it for your business and make a difference.   


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