Work repeating the behaviour that gives same high

Work addiction, often calledworkaholism, is a real mental health condition.

Like any other addiction, workaholismis the inability to stop the work. It is often stems from a compulsive need toachieve status and success, or to escape emotional stress. Work addiction isoften driven by job success. Daniel, Andreas, and Simone areAgreed about all terms that define workaholisms as persons with compulsive andexcessive working and it is lead to bad effects in body health, socialrelationships and satisfaction of life.( Spurk & Hirschi &Kauffeld,2015). And it’s common in people described as perfectionists.

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Muchlike someone with a drug addiction, a person with a work addiction achieves a”high” from working. This leads to keep repeating the behaviour that gives samehigh feeling. People with a work addiction may be unable to stop the behaviourdespite the negative ways it may affect in their personal life or physical ormental health. The aim of this research is to discuss the main effects ofworkaholism which are physical and health problems, workaholics relationshipsand the impact of work addiction in personal life. Workaholism play an important rolein physical and health problems. First, overwork may lead to a weakness inimmune system and may increase risk of diseases. For example, obsessive-compulsivedisorders (OCD) or bipolar disorders are characterized by a combination ofthoughts that become mind-encompassing obsessions, and compulsive behaviourthat results from a desire to satisfy the obsessive thoughts.

According to Loscalzo and Giannini (2017), ”Withparticular regard to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, its diagnosticcriteria include some important aspects that have also been found inworkaholics: perfectionism, conscientiousness, and excessive dedication to workand productivity at the expense of leisure and friendships”(p.312). A person addicted to work becomes obsessedwith the very idea of work to the point of developing anxiety whenever notworking. Second, workaholics are often suffering from health condition orchronic illnesses. For example, workaholics are more likely to have stress, anxiety,back pains, heart attack and insomnia. One of the most common effects ofworkaholism is weakness in personal and social relationships.

Firstly, workaholicsare usually do not have time for family or friends. In fact, person with a workaddiction is likelihood to have divorce, Familial disintegration, emotional disturbancesand Few social relationships. Burke (2000) studied that how many managers have workaholism getdivorced or still married. The study recorded higher percentage of workaholicsare still married than get divorced. The percentage of divorce may due to manyagents that face workaholics such as family satisfaction. Secondly, Work addictavoids getting new friends or getting married. This result isolation fromsociety and may lead to Psychiatric illness like depression. Yingzhi and Haitaoare studied the relationship between workaholism and depression in Chinesecollege teachers.

The study shows that teachers with workaholism Moresusceptible to depression and this may leads to psychological healthdisorders.( Nie & Sun,2015). Workaholism affect people lives inmany aspects. First, work addict has many features in the jobs. For example, majority of workaholics are successful andmore likely to be managers or executives.

Furthermore, workaholics have morechance to get rewards than other employees. Second, People who suffer from workaddiction have lower interest in themselves such as hobbies and dreams are notimportant in addicted life. Also, taking vacation is difficult for workaholics becausetheir mind always at work. Toconclude, workaholism is an addiction, an obsessive-compulsive disorder, andit’s not the same as working hard.

Work addiction can result in variousnegative consequences which most workaholics are exposed to mental conditionsand weakness in the immune system and thus lead to many diseases.Moreover,work addicts have problems in their relationships and have Difficulties informing new relationships or handling withothers. In addition to negatively effects, workaholism usually dominates lifeof addict and kill their rest time. It is suggested that to live a healthy andhappy life the key is balance. future research should consider the changingnature of work as well as living requirements to avoid Workaholism .



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