Work talked to them about being dangerous,

Work Place disputes are often a common thing, but in 1998 Matthew Beck reached a boiling point.

A nine-year employee of the Connecticut State Lottery for months Mr.Beck had felt robbed, underpaid overworked and unappreciated. He felt he deserved extra pay, for the work he had been doing and the extra hours he was putting in. Sometime in 1997 Mr.Beck challenged his company officials and even had help from fellow employees association, even tho Mr.Beck won the first round of arbitration he had no success in receiving the extra pay and promotion he desired.Company officials noticed in Mr.Beck signs of depression, difficulty concentrating and overall being unhappy, Mr.

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Beck was granted a stress leave. During the stress leave, Mr.Beck was on a paid leave until he regained his composure, it took four months for Mr.Beck to be normal and in good spirits to resume his job.

While away on his stress leave, the higher paying position that Mr.Beck desired was filled by another employee. After working at the CSL for nine years: Mr.Beck was never offered a promotion felt he was treated unfairly and very often expressed his anger. Mr.Beck had expressed that he felt the CSL was holding him back and his growth within the company was restricted. Employees in the company stated that Mr.Beck had talked to them about being dangerous, some spoke with themselves that the situation Mr.

Beck was going thru would often make people crack.Due to laws and regulations under the HIPAA, the CSL had no knowledge of the fact that in 1997 Mr.Beck had been hospitalized twice once for trying to commit suicide and another for overdosing on pills. Mr.Becks Phychiatrist cleared him back for work. But the HIPAA law not only protects the patient’s privacy, but the ADA would have protected Mr.Beck from being denied the right to work due to mental disability, altho the overdosing on the pills could have been a factor in the ADA because if the drugs were illegal the employer does not need to hire the employee.

On the day of March 6, 1998, the 35-year-old lottery accountant walked in with a calculated plan to kill those he felt had wronged him. Entering the executive office he stabbed and shot an employee while saying “Bye-Bye” than shot another employee as he went on a run chasing the president of the CSL who had removed employees from the building and knew he was the main target. As the president ran, he tripped and met his ends at the hands of Mr.Beck who killed him. As the police approached the scene ending the horror Mr.Beck than pulled the trigger on himself and took his own life.Unfortanaly the laws that protect patients privacy can be a double edge sword,


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