Working the cabinet close because 555 timers IC

Working Explanation The automatic shoes cabinet uses 9 volts of battery as the source of power. Opening or closing the shoes cabinet can make this door open sensor switch to work. User will push the button switch at the outside of the shoes cabinet.

When the switch turn on, the circuit will be installed into the cabinet as the user open the door. The circuit gets a powerOnce the cabinet is open, the push button will be connected automatically, and then change the 555 timer output state to high and ground the push button cause the input state become zero and comparator will produce output high because the Q’ flip-flop low and output become high so that LED will turned on.. The LED that inside the cabinet will turn on and turn off after the cabinet close, within a specific time. After some time, the LED will turned off automatically when the cabinet close because 555 timers IC in Monostable Mode.

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LED will remain turn ON for 1.1*R1*C1 second. When the output high, the LED immediately turns on the light. It stays only a minute to save the battery.

Then the LED will turn off.


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