Working with everyone when working as a partnership.

Working in partnership with others is important for children and young people because it can help the children and young people who are concerned.

Adults involved with making this work is parents this is because children and young people will open up about their problems with there parents, carers this would be the same reason for working with parents they are also there for support, colleagues this is because staff and colleagues have a good idea what the child or young person is like in a setting they are also with the child or young person more often than any other person and finally professionals because parents may want a specialist opinion. When working in partnership with others it is important to make sure you have good communication, share their specialist knowledge, discuss information and understand what every does when working with partnership. You must remember to do all of these because it means you will work well as a team, create a positive relationship with everyone when working as a partnership. It will also mean staff members and colleagues can share information about observations and about the child or young persons development. Overall working in a partnership offers an effective outcome between children and families.

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