Working relationship has regulatory boundaries in at all

Working relationship simply connotes the relationship that are formed in a working environment. It is a relationship that focus on the purpose of getting things done correctly, appropriately and on time. It based on professions, roles and expertise.

For instance, the relation between employer and employees, a colleague at work, learner and teacher, patient and career are example of working relationships. Working relationship has regulatory boundaries in at all aspect that everyone need to follow such as in communication, behaviour, and relation etc. There is no room of creating a familiarism and bond that goes beyond the professionalism. Sometime, husband and wife may found themselves working at the same organisation, the level of professionalism and confidentiality still need to be strictly maintained.

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In working relationship, it’s business as usual and everyone work together to achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation. The level of choice is relatively very low as you have to always behave positively and form a professional relationship with any members of the staffs you are working with.There is no secret in working relationship and conversation always formal and relevant to the organisation’s business.


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