Working pig and drive it off!”. The stonemasons

Working together can lead you to a better position than where you will get fighting. In the story the Golden Kite and Silver wind the two lands are continuously trying to best each other while not getting anywhere until finally coming up with a solution in the end.

Allegory is shown throughout the story based on the Cold war, which is expressed by building walls which leads to the theme being that working together is better than having enemies.They never combated, but tried to surpass each other by increasing weaponry. The Mandarin of one of the towns, commands, “you raisers of walls must go bearing trowels and rocks and change the shape of our city!”. The Mandarin like the U.S.A. or USSR, competes with the city of Kwan-si by ordering the workers to build a wall that resembles certain Chinese Spirits” And you will change our walls into a club which may beat the pig and drive it off!”. The stonemasons or the architects in a way symbolize the war factories that were used to manufacture nuclear weapons, or any destructive weapon for that matter in the cold war, the walls that the workers construct represent the nuclear weapons, as a sign of power and great triumphant.

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The Mandarins’ dispute caused more problems than they expected, comparable to Stalins and Truman’s role in the Cold War. Moreover, the reconciliation of the two Mandarin’s  toward the end of the of the story signify the author’s perspective on the Cold War. The author writes, “the towns became the town of the golden kite and the town of the silver wind…and business trended again, and the flesh returned, and disease ran off like a frightened jackal.

“, conveying  that the unity of two regions must exist in order for the environment to be harmonious or in balance. Because this story was written during the cold war, the text hints that the author felt  the war was vacuous, and that the U.S.

and the USSR should stop their everlasting arms race.


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