– genre of science fiction with a social

– worst-case scenarios- maybe our current society can be jolted enough to avoid those scenarios – like some of the characterisers featured in dystopian fiction, we might find hope. Then again, maybe not. – We admire the best dystopian fiction – well written and we can relate – Fascinated by the terrible – phenomena, both belong to a particular genre of science fiction with a social background, that describes imaginary places where reigns welfare and happiness (Utopia), and the terrible hypothesis of future uninhabitable worlds (dystopia).

– Dictatorship, revolution and counterrevolution- Beleaguered- We know that politicians, military people and corporate moguls are capable of doing awful things. Meaning that, dystopian literature is kind of… honest. – dystopia – instead – intends to place itself in continuity with the historical process by amplifying and making tangible those negative tendencies that, if they are exposed and thwarted, lead to perverse societies.- There are to be reported, however,- Indeed, authors like Huxley and Berdjaev insist on the dangers of construction material, concrete utopias; but it is symbolic that just some time after Huxley is dedicated to the description of a utopia.- society’s perverse dystopia- In other words at the base of these two attitudes there is the complaint of a reality perceived as painful and oppressive and the constructive solicitation to overcome them by the exercise of reasonableness.- presents the world of hell- marked with the same rationality and geometric rigor that characterized- The impulse that drove me to ___- the desire to protest against a reality- repressed – our appetite – satiated and our fingers are reaching for – bleak prediction of our future on earth – we sink our teeth into dystopian society – what these novels never fail to dish up are the faults in our society and failure to ______- indirect way of ______ – reality through an imagined world – musing and – retrospective – conformist life- feels to familiar – pressured to fit in- seems real, yet fictional – socio-cultural- stare at pages – our future society reflecting back at us- turmoil – diverge- futuristic- taking place in adolescent minds- The social, interpersonal, and biological phenomena that define teen-age life- Adolescence is not for the faint hearted – Strong link between dystopia and YA- Grim allegorical tales- But since the massive success of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy about a bleak futuristic society that pits teen-agers against one another in a televised gladiatorial fight to the death, young readers – along with the many not-so-young readers who are now consuming YA lit in mass quantities – can’t seem to get enough of projecting themselves into the future.- Entertainment we consume, looks to be- formulaic, repetitive, nonsensically plotted- teen social hierarchy as mechanisms of fascist social control- whole-heartedly- primary theme in literature and film- a craze that’s seen a surge- Theo James, English actor and model

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