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Would you like to live in a filthy atmosphere, or would you rather breathe fresh air? You decide. In today’s society, recycling is undervalued due to pure laziness. People don’t care about littering because they will eventually grow old and die, leaving our future environment to perish. “The average person generates up to 4.40 pounds of trash a day” (Environmental Protection Agency). Recycling is one of the best ways we can help save resources in our everyday life because it reduces the amount of trash being thrown into landfills, and reduces the amount of pollution.

First, recycling can reduce the amount of trash being thrown into landfills. If we recycled more, more landfills wouldn’t have to be built around cities, which is effecting environment and wildlife. This shows that recycling more means less landfills and safer environments as an added bonus. Also, from a business point of view, waste management companies have to pay heavy taxes to put waste into landfill so this would be a disadvantage for them.

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Secondly, recycling reduces the amount of air and water pollution. Since energy is a major problem with pollution, saving energy means less pollution. Trees being converted into paper is the most water-intensive industrial process in the United States. However, paper recycling mills almost always use less water, plus, they don’t pollute it as much. This shows that if we recycled paper more often, we wouldn’t pollute as often. Finally, incinerators let out many types of air pollutants, so recycling would reduce the need for incinerators. This shows that incinerators wouldn’t be as common, so pollution wouldn’t be as common, either.

In conclusion we see how recycling can better the environment and save resources. Some may say that recycling is a waste of time but if we all make it an effort to recycle we’ll be reducing waste. So next time you see a plastic water bottle on the ground go throw it in the nearest recycling bin and you’ll be saving an animal, the environment, or the whole planet.


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