Written is a huge glacier called Moreno which

Written assignment instructionsName: hye jeong yangTopic: environment<714 words>In my opinion, bad weather conditions are effects of global warming. As you can see in such a many researches and documentary programs, in fact, the earth is undoubtedly changing. Many data prove that real temperatures is rising, as well as we could check with eyes that the animals who live in north pole including polar bears are losing their place of life. Here is my experience about these issue.

January in this year, I traveled to Ssouth America for one and a half month. And when I arrived in chileChile, I was so excited to see the glacier for the first time in my life. In Patagonia, there is a huge glacier called Moreno which is very famous for its enormous size. But when I saw it in real, I had to be very disappointed. It was totally different with the pictures that I have seen before during prepare my travel. Even though that picture was taken only few years ago. Also I have another experience about New York.

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It was 2015 winter, and I spent my Christmas holiday with my friends in there. Originally New York is really cold in winter season. But, that winter was very exceptionally warm. So that we could had super warm Christmas unlike our thoughts. Like this, our prejudices based on data accumulated over such a large number of hours are becoming increasingly fragile. Because the Earth’s temperature is literally changing dramatically. Now we can also think about the case of South Korea where I came from.

Korea is well known for to havinge four distinct seasons. In fact, my parents, my grandparents, even the above generations, and until I was growing up, it was. But now, it seems to be very clear over time that it is getting two2 seasons only with summer and winter. We canno’t deny that summer and winter getting longer while spring and fall is getting shorter. In addition, the summer’s peak temperature is rising to an annual record, and the winter’s temperature is getting lower. Even though South Korea is small country, compared with anothers, we are having changes in cultivated crops due to these climate changes. With overall temperature rising, we begin to cultivate tropical fruits that we could taste (not?) in Southeast Asia before.

At the same time, the cultivation area of local specialties is moving down. It could be great to be able to taste new crops as a domestic product, but it also means that some crops are no longer cultivable. Besides due to the high temperature phenomenon of the sea, the fish catch decreased by 7%.

In addition, we can find bad weather report of 2017 made by Korea meteorological agency. According to the report, there have been a variety of unusual weather conditions, including droughts, localized heavy rains, and heat waves during the year, causing damages in a variety parts, including agriculture, marine fisheries, forests. Especially, they heavy rains during the rainy season and the summer heat were as the biggest effect.This is not just about South Korea. The whole world is showing an abnormal climate. In the Americas, cold weather and heavy snowfall occur in Canada and the US Inland, but in South America, they are suffering from over 50 degrees of heat, in 100 years.

In Argentina, hundreds of people have been treated for heat stroke, and about 10 have died. In Europe, the risk of storms and floods is growing in a warm winter, and there is unusual cold wave in Southeast Asia, causing damage. Based on a lot of data, we can conclude that the extreme climate is due to global warming.

And the cause of global warming is the increased use of fossil fuels because of population growth and industrialization since the Industrial Revolution, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions and the average temperature of the Earth rises. At least, we should try to slow it down, even though we cannot stop this global warming. Until now, we only focused to the development so that we have been doing a lot of indiscriminate resource development;, too much fossil fuel use, and environmentally unfriendly behaviors. But from now on we have to stop all of them and realize that we have to live with nature and make the right efforts.


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