www.wikipedia.com box and select restoring your files with


wikipedia.comREFERENCES:Type restoring files in search box and selectrestoring your files with file history. Then look for the files what you wantto restore.

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Right Click on the file you selected and click on restore.Automatically it saves in original location or to if you click on RestoreTothen it ask us to show the location to save the file.Restoringfiles: If you select back up now. It backups the presentsystem files and folders.

After getting your drive connect you will see theoption backup options. So, here we can set at what intervals of time we needbackup and keep back up for amount of time. Now click on the (+) symbol and add your hard drive.  Now click on backup and add a hard drive.

Next choosean external hard drive for your backups.First click on windows button and select settings.Under settings go to update & security settings.Howto set your backup through file history:File history backup first introduced in windows 8.This is built in feature for backup solution in windows 10.

  The backup is not only backing up to anexternal hard drive but also, creating offsite backups.Filehistory:Windows 10 have many backup tools options. But, Ibasically follow file history backup.BACKUPTOOLS I also have other important documents in my pc are mypictures. Every time I upload my pictures they should backed up.

Backup is a process of to restore theoriginal file after the data loss.This is my sensitive data in my system whichcontains all my softwares like neo4j, mangodb hbase etc.  I also have all my present semester classesdocuments. The documents are cs(computer security), OOAD(object orientedanalysis and design) and DDB(distributed database).INTRODUCTION: COURSE: INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SECURITYPROFESSOR: FRANK BRITINGERNAME: SHRUTHI KADARIBACKUPS


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