Yes, I believe it’s important for children

Yes, I believe it’s important for children to learn how to read music and play an instrument. Children gain many lifelong benefits from music such as improvement of memory, listening skills, and coordination. This will also lead to building their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-understanding, and socialization. Moreover, this will expose them to different cultures and the history of the musical greats.

I believe teenagers should be encouraged to read and play an instrument because I believe it’s never too late to learn. But I don’t believe most will want to because they are so many other distractions in their lives (social media, friends, television, and music). I believe it should be introduced much earlier as kids, while there are still in awe.

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Music should definitely be offered in schools and be paid for by the government. Learning music is as much as a needed skill as any other job in society. Music is a very powerful tool in many societies. It communicates meanings to be shared and stimulates development and growth in both individuals and groups. Music can encourage many forms of behavioral moods and movement, emotional, mental and physiological reactions. Furthermore, governments should want a more well-rounded society. The societal benefits of music are endless.


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