You go about deciding how much impact

You are a Representative facing two important votes in the House. One is a bill to weaken the federal government’s role in fighting discrimination in hiring.

The second is on a constitutional amendment for immigration in the United States. You are tentatively opposed to both of these positions. But now, with an eye toward the next election, you are assessing your constituents’ view on these two issues, trying to decide whether to vote your own conscience or to change your vote to accommodate views of your constituency. Discuss how you would go about deciding how much impact public opinion should have on your votes. What weight would you give to your constituents’ views?The best accommodation to take for this constituency is the amendment for immigration in the U.

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S and the bill weakening the federal government’s role that fights discrimination in hiring. Majority of the votes guarantees place in office which means that it is not freely possible to follow your inner voice. The constituency may be taking part of racism or supremacy, fighting for the amendment and bill to pass. Political culture will not fall in favor for what you would like to bring to office. I’d say give people what they want and overtime you can change things up once you’re in office.


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