You Glenn has brought some fresh and innovative

You are employed by XYZ Consulting as an administrator.

XYZ Consulting provides management training services to corporate clients across Australia. Most of the clients are in management positions. Recently, there has been a change to the way that the course is structured and delivered. This change is a result of a new employee entering XYZ Consulting.The new employee is Glenn Wheat—he is expected to start with the organisation as a specialist trainer and advisor within two weeks. Glenn has 10 years industry experience as a trainer and 20 years’ experience in management practices.

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He has specialized in many industries including banking and finance, real estate and recruitment. Glenn has brought some fresh and innovative ideas to the organisation which has resulted in the course being changed for the better.You have been asked to prepare a detailed, professional, business letter to all existing clients of XYZ Consulting that introduces Glenn and discusses the reason why the course content will be changed.Provide a draft of the letter according to document requirements and genre and submit to your trainer/ assessor.

(50–100 words)


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