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YOU CAN WIN By- Shiv KheraYou can win is a book by shiv khera,the renowed author . This book is an international best- seller with two williom copies sold in 16 languages.

It has eight chapters which deal with topics such as impartance of interpersonal skills success , motivation , self – esteem , personality , habits , goals and the importance of interpersonal skills. It is written in simple and lucid style with real life example and step stratiges for achievers.The book has a common sense appeal and induces the reader to refer to it again and again . This book is not the read and forget type but a kind of a building manual helping the reader build his life into a successful and fulfilling one . It makes one ponder on what one’s ultimate goal in life should be and how to achieve it .

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It gives the message that one is expected to win every battle but the ultimate war has to be won . The author takes the reader through his own as well as other leader’s insights to keep the reader’s mind fresh and enthusiastic through out book . He reminds the reader that the winner is always part of the answer and the loser is always part of the problems .The book has simplified deep philosophies to make the reader realise its true worth. As Washingtin Irving said , ” Great minds have purposes , others have wishes,” and the author goes on to explain goals , dreams , desires and fears.

As one goes back to the book and more deep insights into the author’ s view that winners don’t do differently .This book is a ‘must read’ for all those want to be winners.


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