You the usefulness of documents that belong to

You must make judgements on the usefulness of documents that you have collated in your interview pack.

This will be informed by a mix of theory and practice. You must be able to demonstrate that you are able to assess the usefulness of documents that belong to Santanderin this assignment I will be talking about the usefulness of the application pack and all the different types of documents that are used when recruiting new employees, I will also be talking about the advantages and disadvantages, to reach the distinction criteria I will also link it back to the interview itself and the recruitment and selection process that would work for Santander.Job descriptionSantander would use job description to let people know in more detail about what they will need to do within the job and what is expected. This will just add more information to what the job advert already has such as; wages, working hours, etc. Santander will need to make sure they include what they need from the types of employees they are looking for, to make sure they have the right attitude, behavior and can perform within the job. This includes responsibilities such as in Santander they may have to stay an hour after work if a certain project or something isn’t completed within the time limit. It is important for Santander to include these responsibilities otherwise the branch manager could ask an employee who isn’t a worker to clean up something when that isn’t within their responsibilities as that is the cleaners job.

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There a many advantages of a job description such as by giving the candidates the job description of the job they will know what is expected of them to do within the job before they apply, it will also help Santander come up with good questions that link to the job description, another advantage is the job description will also give the interview something they can look at to see if they fit the Santander team and they have skills that are important within Santander such as teamwork.. However some disadvantages is that the job description can sometimes not help as applicants could alter their CV depending on the job description so it then the applicant would seem like they suit Santander perfectly. This means that candidates can lie about themselves, which can lead to good candidates that aren’t lying not getting the job. The job description is very useful and important as when the candidates are looking at the job they will know all the important information before they apply to work at Santander and also people of Santander will hope that the job description will lower the number of people that just turn up for the job even though they don’t have the experiences or qualifications that are needed for the job. It also would help the interview process as the interviewer can ask questions depending on the job description, to see how the candidate answers the questions and to find out any extra information.Person specificationThis is used by Santander to let the applicant and Santander know what type of attributes, skills and experiences needed within the job, and this is helpful for Santander as if they feel the candidate doesn’t fit the person specification they will less likely get the job and Santander will be able to narrow down their list of applicants easier if they look at if the applicants fit the person specification. Also an applicant and Santander may feel like an applicant is good for the job as they have all the right skills , experiences and attributes that is needed , this would be good for Santander as they would have applicant with the right work mindset and also attributes and skills.

The person specification document can be used during the interview and also when Santander are making the decision of who they are recruiting, this helps the interviewer find out what the interviewee is like and whether they would suit the job according to the person specification and whether they will get the job or not and also like job description depending on the person specification it will depend on what questions are asked during the interview. However, there is disadvantages of the person specification such as it is only helpful when you get it with a CV to see if the applicant meets the requirements. Although, there is also advantages such it will give the interviewer more questions to ask that link to what is needed within the desired role. Also the more the applicant matches the specification the better worker Santander will have. Overall ,person specification is good to narrow down the selection process and it also gives the interviewer a chance to make specific and more focused questions for the applicant which will then help decide if the candidate is right for the job, it will also help the management team to make a judegment on all of the candidates which is important as the management will be the ones in control of these new employees.Job advertSantander will use the job advert so that they can reach out to people that could be possible employees, this is one of the first stages of gaining new candidates for a job that needs to be filled within Santander and the job advert is useful as the candidates can look at the job advert that Santander has put out to know all the basic information about the job position and what type of role they are applying for. Santander would also use job advert to get their brand and logo out and advertise to attract potential customers and candidates.

Santander will have made the job advert as professional as possible to show how professional and smoothly ruining their business is , they will do this in all of their different types of job adverts such as ; posters, online adverts and also leaflets. Some advantages of a job advert is that the job advert will let people know that , that specific job within Santander is open and it will tell potential employees what they need to get the job. However, some disadvantages of a job advert is that the process of advertising for the job costs money and plus it would also take time to be able to gather all the correct material as well as the need to format and check the correct information. In general the job advert is very useful to attract new potential candidates to apply for the job and also to be able to separate the ones that don’t fit the job and it is also helpful as it would help the managerial team shorten down the list of candidates to make the selection process quicker and more efficient. However , a job advert may not reach a possible good candidate as they might not of seen a specific sign or poster that is advertising for a specific place within Santander , so it is important for Santander’s job advert to be in lots of different places , so lots of possible candidates will see it.Application form The application of form of Santander is very important, as it allows them to ask questions that they want to ask the candidate, this would allow Santander to pick out the right people that are good for the job and have the right qualifications and experiences. The application form will also allow Santander to know if they have got the right person that meets the person specification or if they have got an applicant that doesn’t meet the person specification needs.

The application form will also allow them to find out any important information such as any criminal convictions, or any disabilities they would have to change the workplace for, this would also tell Santander if there is anything they need to train that new applicant in. Then some advantages of an application form is that Santander can find the right applicants with the exact details that Santander have put out and also Santander can prioritize certain skills over other skills that are less important. In addition to this many candidates can be changed and suited to fit a particular job role. Then some disadvantages are that an application form is very time consuming as it takes a long time to create it and then fill it out, another disadvantage is that with an application form that is too specific in what they need, it could mean Santander could lose a good potential candidate. The application form of Santander is important to get out detailed information of the job and it makes it easier for Santander during the selection process to compare different candidates in what they offer , so therefore it will make the selection process quicker. However it can only be used for one specific job as it would not suit a different position within Santander.


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