You cake: Use tips 3, 16, 21

You will need before you begin:A Wilton decorating bagTips 3, 16, 21Care bear icing color set, teal, blue, yellow and orangeWilton icing colors and rose, royal blue, leaf green and blackWilton icing colors and sky-blue, leaf green, buttercup yellow, orange, red red, brown, lemon yellowCake boardOne layer cake mixButtercream icingCare bear patternsTo decorate a wish bear cake:Use tips 3, 16, 21 and use the above colors of icing. Refrigerate all the icings until they are ready to use make 6 cups of buttercream icingtint 1 1/4 cup tealtint 1/4 cup dark tealtint 1/4 cup bluetint 1/2 cup yellowtint 1/4 cup orange combinationtint 1/4 cups orangetint 1/4 cup leaf green/lemon yellow combinationtint 1/4 cup hot pink using rose and royal blue combinationtint 1/4 cup blackReserve 2 1/2 cups whiteDecorate in numerical order:1.

Ice cake sides and the background areas with white icing2. Trace the pattern on the stomach with a toothpick3. Outline the body the tummy and the facial features, eyelids, nose, and mouth and heart with tip 3 in the dark teal icing4. Pipe in the nose, mouth, eyebrows and heart on the hip with tip 3 in dark teal icing.5. Outline the eyes in black icing.

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6. Outline and pipe in the pupils with tip 3 in black icing7. Pipe dot eye highlights, whites of eyes and bottom lip with white icing in the cut parchment bag8. Outline stars on the tummy with tip 3 in orange icing9. Pipe and stars on the tummy with tips three and yellow icing, smooth with a finger dipped in cornstarch10.

Outline the facial features on the large tummy*with tip 3 in orange icing11. Pipe shooting star stripes with tip 16 in yellow icing on the top and orange icing in the middle and orange icing on the bottom12. Cover bear with tip 16 stars in teal icing13.

Cover the muzzle with tip 16 stars in white icing14. Pipe dots on muzzle with tip three in dark teal icing15. Cover rainbow stripes with tip 16 stars in yellow icing on the top, hot pink combination icing in the middle and blue icing on the bottom and leaf green/lemon yellow combination icing in the partial bottom stripe.

16. Pipe tip 21 shell bottom border in white icing17. Print message on rainbow with tip three and white icing.


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