You has become a NECESSITY for every business

You have a brand, I get it! But do people know you ‘HAVE A BRAND’?! Let’s chat a little bit about social media and building brands, shall we? Let’s do it! Social media has become exceptionally needed nowadays.

It has become a NECESSITY for every business to have an online presence. While social media presence DOES NOT always equal how well your business is doing, having a good social media presence and advertising strategy can quickly take a business from 6 to 7 figures (or from nothin’ to somethin’!). Here are 4 ways to help build your brand using social media.1.

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CHOOSE THE RIGHT NETWORKSIf you’re not growing an audience using a certain platform like Facebook, that may not be where your ideal client is ‘hanging out’. There are so many different social media platforms out there and your target market may NOT be on every platform! It’s normal to think you have to be on EVERY platform, but truthfully, you don’t need to. Pick a platform that fits your market well and is where your ideal client or target market hangs out.

If you’re an eCommerce business, Instagram AND would be perfect, while Twitter may or may not be ideal for you. If you’re into affiliate marketing, a blogging platform might be perfect. Do your research and pick a network that fits where your target market hangs out. 2.

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE VISUAL BRANDINGVisual branding is a massive on social media. If your profile looks different on every platform, it is harder to create trust with your audience. You want your branding to be consistent on ALL platforms. Not only will this help with your content creation in terms of making it a faster process with content that is usable on more then one platform, but it also helps position yourself as an authority figure in the industry. Use the same logo and colour schemes on all platforms.

Your logo is the symbol that represents your company, so SHOW IT OFF! Also, put your logo as a watermark on all posts, let’s get your logo engrained in your audiences’ mind! 3. CONTENT CURATIONTwitter and Facebook are very good for content curation. Curating is an essential (in my opinion) process to help you build authority in your industry as well as gives you a consistent amount of content that aren’t 100% promotional material. Searching for blog posts, images, or other content to share with your audience is great, and many businesses go into it without a strategy and this actually hurts your brand. Strategy is CRUCIAL when it comes to your social media presence. Pick a few topics that are closely related to your industry and test different types of content – note which types get the better engagement and continue with that type! 4.

BE CONSISTENTWhen you are coming up with your social media strategy (which I hope you are!), be consistent with your posts. I’m not saying you have to post 3 times a day every day on Facebook or 10 times a day on Twitter. Whatever YOUR sweet spot is, just be consistent with it. Your audience may respond best to one post a day on Facebook, or potentially 3 posts a day. You need to test, test, test. Once you have data that proves what your audience likes, just be consistent. Ensure you are posting quality content that is engaging your audience. Now, more than ever, it really is quality over quantity.

Remember – when they do engage, make SURE you engage back! Another ‘hack’ I do with my clients is give everyday a theme. It helps me when I sit down and batch my content, to know I’m looking for ‘Meditation Monday’ content, or ‘Sales Saturday’ content. Your audience will also look forward to these days, so again, it’s all about consistency, like tip #3!There you have it – 4 tips to build your brand using social media. Of course, there are many more ways to build and market yourself online, but I wanted to give you a few golden nuggets to get you started if you weren’t sure where to begin.Good luck – go and get after it! Cheers!


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