your she has to stand her ground in

your mom gayExposition: (Describe the characters, Setting, and Basic Situation)The exposition is the beach floor. The main character is a Sand Piper ( type of bird ) named ”Piper.” Another character is the baby sand crab. The other characters are Piper’s mom, and the two other crabs who are just there. The basic situation is that Piper’s mother is teaching Piper how to grow up and feed herself.Rising Action: (Identify and describe the conflicts that occur in the story – Bird vs.

___)The rising action is ”bird vs bird.” For example she’s not happy that her mom doesn’t want to baby her anymore and have her get her own food. There’s also ”bird vs nature,” because Piper gets crushed by ocean waves. Finally ”bird vs self,” because Piper gets scared of the waves and has to overcome it herself.

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Climax: (Describe when the point of highest emotion occurs and how it helps to resolve the conflict)The climax is when Piper witnesses the baby crab and other crabs go into the sand and it helps her notice how to solve her problem of being afraid of the ocean, she’s extremely scared but she has to stand her ground in the ocean and instead of getting splashed again she goes into the sand and hides until the wave leaves. While she burrows into the sand she sees all the shellfish go into the land and she sees how she can catch food.Falling Action: (What events occur because of the climax)What happens because of the climax is that Piper learns how to catch her own food and where they live she also shares them with all the other birds. AResolution: (Describe the “Happily Ever After.

” How is the story wrapped up?)The resolution is when Piper has a huge pile of oysters. Also the sun is setting beautifully in the background indicating a happy ending.What is a possible theme of “Piper”? (Main Character? What is the story about? What does the main character learn about the story? State the theme in a sentence.)I personally think the theme of ”Piper,” was never give up just because you’re scared. I say this because Piper was extremely scared of the waves after being splashed horribly. But! Piper had the courage to not give up even though she was scared of the ocean waves. Piper overcomes her fear and gets the reward of having way more than enough food for her whole family and flock.

So in the end Piper overcame her fear and was rewarded.


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