“Your at school, computer science has intrigued

“Your obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself” – Richard Bach.This statement aptly defines my aspirations in life.

I am a person who has always had a profound passion and fascination for areas requiring an analytical approach. Right from my early days at school, computer science has intrigued me. The most challenging of all problems were my favourites and obtaining solutions to them would leave me with a sheer feeling of ecstasy. I always did and always would thrive on solving the most challenging problems. With a compelling desire to excel, hard work became my second nature.

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My aspiration for a technical career prompted me to take up one of the most coveted undergraduate programme in Computer Science Engineering. My aspiration to work at the frontiers of computer programming leads me to apply to your university. I believe that a comprehensive knowledge and a good grasp of fundamentals are essential for such a careerMy superlative performance in school fetched me a number of awards. I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain in- depth understanding of the subject at hand.

This had given me a broad conceptual basis, which, I believe, is essential for my career. My grades in the basic courses reflect my quest for fundamentals. Starting off with my academics, I have been a diligent and assiduous student as I secured 10 CGPA in class 10th with A1 grade both in Computer applications and Mathematics. Apart from my cousre text books, I have completed MIT OCW courses 18.

01, 18.013A, 18.014 in Calculus and 6.00.1x, 6.00.2x, 6.189 A in computer science and programming.

I have always had an acute analytical and evaluative skills coupled with a profound numerical ability. But as a student in high school, computers initially fascinated me as a means of entertainment since I found it exciting to play games and generating various mathematical series and patterns through BASIC programming. Later I was dumbfounded to know games are nothing but programs.

Curious to know how to program I developed a serious interest in Computers. My keen interest in Mathematics along with a strong interest in Computers, and particularly programming, prompted me to choose Computer Science as my major. This decision gave me ample opportunity to consolidate my creative energy and harness my technical aptitude.Apart from my basic curriculum, I have also participated in various computing events. For me, computer programming is speaking to a machine and convincing it to perform a task. Computers have always enraptured me with their distinctive functionalities. My interest led me to become the school computer President for which I am equally grateful to my teachers and this subject. Throughout my academic career, I’ve created hundreds of programs for a myriad of purposes.

My approach towards programming is to treat it as a lane of communication between man and machine I have fair knowledge of programming in HTML and am currently learning Java and C++, currently I am taking a certification course by Whizlabs in Java which will provide me with a cutting edge to be prepared for world vibrant with a plethora of opportunities.With a flair for the languages, I have consistently topped my batch in English. I had German as my third language from grade 5th to 8th. I often pen poems for my school magazine.

I have also tried my hand at the Spelling Bee tests for which I have been awarded also.In terms of recreation, I enjoy listening to music. I rarely watch the television but I am a die-hard fan of the Big Bang Theory and BBC Sherlock. In my spare time, I love to ponder my theories and reflect on the world. I have recently started meditating for half an hour to practice Zen-like focus and to learn clearing away distractions.I draw my influence from Steve Jobs, whose biography has had an everlasting impact on me. I aspire to be a tech-entrepreneur. I wish to use my technical know-how to launch a start-up and eventually build an organization that stands the test of time and constantly impacts and influences the civilization.

I hope to live my life being the architect of my dreams rather than being the architect of someone else’s. Intersection of humanity and technology is what I yearn for as a prospective engineer and entrepreneur. I do not wish to trail the old rut of graduating for the sake of getting recruited to some top Multinational, rather I plan to take what I learn in the University of Hong Kong and apply it to the computing industry, which is rapidly growing and shows great potential to lead the world to a new era.Attending your prestigious institution would give me an opportunity to receive high-level education under the guidance of prominent professors and excellent teachers. University’s world renowned faculty, strong research programs, international acclaim and focus on vocational training will help me in attaining a well grounded education. Hong Kong being such a hub for development and growth is the ideal destination for students who want to chart a strong career path.

The university echoes my convictions regarding import of my dreams. I am sure that the tutelage I will receive here will be second to none. I believe HKU will understand my passion towards my dream will give me the opportunity to study at this Mecca of Erudition.

I am sure if given an opportunity, I will be able to prove myself as an asset to the institution. I would regard my admission to the University of Hong Kong not only as a great honour but also as a great responsibility and challenge to prove myself. I request you to kindly give me an opportunity to be a part of your prestigious institution and consider my application favourably.


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