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Youth unemployment is the global phenomenon which affects a large number of places across the world. Where by over 1.8 billion of youth are jobless and it is not only affect an individual people but also financial and economic condition of the world. Its main causes are overpopulation, lack of enough specialized people, a higher literacy rate, people voluntarily choose to remain unemployed due to unequality of payment according to the work done and companies prefer hiring few people, etc. But the world is setting strategies to tackle youth unemployment by training and sponsoring youth in order to be able to compete on world market and even create their own jobs.
Solutions for youth unemployment
These are several possible solutions that can be established to tackle youth unemployment by training and sponsoring youth.
Some of the solutions are:
Establishing VTC and technical schools in each region. Each government will set a policy where by every sector should have two or more technical school which will be enough for the youth around that region. It will have the capability of training youth within 6 months and get certificate of the skills they were trained about with enough equipment for practical studies. Youth who have graduated secondary and university will be provided with tangible skills that will help them to compete on the world market. And if they are empowered with skills they need for working life, they thrive and can support themselves.
Setting a policy of youth empowerment. Each government should set a policy and administration which will verify all the procedures and strategies undergoing youth empowerment. Thus giving enough support to youth in order to tackle unemployment.
Reducing taxes to young entrepreneurs for only one year. When the business is being charged much taxes, it may cause a loss to it. Especially when it is still growing. So the government will have to tolerate young entrepreneurs by giving them one free year of not being charged taxes in order to develop. And after that year, they will have the ability to pay taxes and still get enough profit.
Encouraging young entrepreneurs by awarding the best of the bests. It is very useful to know among all young entrepreneurs which one earned more profit, hired a lot of people, who payed taxes very well organized and strong business therefore they will be awarded too. That will all lead to the development of the country even the whole world.
Sponsoring young entrepreneurs with best ideas competitions which may be organized by different national organizations , allowing the youth to open their project to the world. And the best and strong projects will be sponsored financially and get all the support their need to implement their project.
Governments should do the mobilization in industries and private sectors to establish their own industries. In order to employ more youth and intern them. For them to get more experience and skills. So that we will have skilled youth that’s what Africa lacks.
Government may establish entrepreneurship as additive lesson in all universities, schools, and VTC in order to open eyes the youth to see opportunities in their cities and region. Some young people are very talented and innovative, what they lack are knowledge and skills.
Youth unemployment is an urgent and complex challenge affecting society, the economy and governance globally. So the world must stand up and tackle it by its all means. And set tuff strategies to reduce youth unemployment as well as poverty rate. And as well as we all know youth is the world’s power to develop. Thus empowering youth will lead the world to a sustainable development.


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