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Ysabella PinedaMs. Gustafson Speech 2 Debate22 January 2018Jasmine Walker  America I am honored, to stand before you today, to talk about my intentions for the future of this country. Today we stand together as one. Overcoming our differences and embracing our diversity as a nation.

I stand proud of what we have built, and how far we have come. This is a new beginning on the path of history. History is made through change. As a nation we are not perfect. I enjoy the diversity we have as a nation, however it is my belief that for the safety of this country, people must have the correct documentation. There are a countless amount of unauthorized immigrants who entered this country and still reside here today.

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Personally, I am an immigrant. It took a long time before I was able to acquire a permanent green card. Approximately 10 years, due to the duration of this process, opportunities were missed. The process is not only lengthy, but it also costs a mass amount of money. It is not fair for those who have gone through this rigorous process to let others enter illegally.

I will invest taxes into a more efficient system which will allow for a quicker documentation program. While the government maintains order, everyone will be taxed evenly because I believe that is the right decision for this country. Restrictions will be put on the boarders that will not allow people to live here illegally. With the new program that will be installed, immigrants will be allowed to enter our beloved country, legally. This may be frustrating for some but you must understand that I am making  choices for the betterment of this country. If you haven’t gone through this process, you can only imagine the patience and hope you must have. This is the same hope I have for this country. I have hope for the future and what we can build if you are united.

Diversity unites us, and helps us to better understand each other. I believe will become stronger.  For the next four years we will flourish as a nation. I will ensure a productive time while I hold office. I look forward for the future and of this country and that the people will assist me to jazz it up.



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