Zceasarina Human’s way of thinking grow through communicating,

Zceasarina Jane M.

Sotto BABRC 3-FS1N Media and Information Literacy 1. As a responsible citizen and member of the society, discuss how you would demonstrate being a media and information literate individual. (500 WORDS) Human’s way of thinking grow through communicating, acquiring information from others, and understanding and interpreting things. Communication medium have improved greatly since then that it enables individual to share, connect, and gather information through various communication tools. Being a media and information literate individual means being able to understand media text and being able to interpret media text and information in various ways. Joining and actively participating in Social Networking Sites or Social Media contributes in being a media and information literate individual. There are a lot of discussion about news and information and current happenings in the country, in those social networking sites. When you are able to join discussions in those social networking sites, it helps you to disseminate right and just information to individuals within those discussions.

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A media and information literate individual knows how to think critically, communicate properly, and create and inquire questions about media and information to fully understand the context of the information in several ways. A media and information literate individual has values and manners and knows how to communicate properly with an individual. A media and information literate individual do not boasts or belittle people who has no knowledge or wrong knowledge about certain things. If the person he is talking to has wrong or improper insights about news or information, he must be always considerable and knows how to correct peacefully the wrong information of the person he’s communicating. Being a media and information literate individual does not only mean being able to use mediums of media.

Media and information literate individual means to learn to question what media text or information you are watching, listening or reading. With all the fake news that circulating in social media, a media and information literate individual utilizes the use of social media to the betterment of his knowledge, and the propagation of right information. A media and information literate individual knows how to properly use social media as social media greatly helps in spreading information. At the same time, amedia and information literate individual knows when to use social media in stopping and/or contributing to stop the spread of fake news. A media and information literate individual must also understand the effects of fake news in reality so that he can further explain to people the bad effects of fake news not only to the media text but also in one’s personality and way of thinking. He also must know the importance of influencing others to be a media and information literate individual as well as it helps in elevating the level of discussions about important matters. For example, in Twitter, the users often creates threads of tweets about a certain topic for them to explain their beliefs and question a certain topic. Clearly, a media and information literate individual must know the importance of raising questions and tackling information.

Media and information literate knows how to control the information that are given to him/her rather than letting the information control him/her. 2. Enumerate and explain the qualities of your ideal media/media system. Before explaining my ideal media system, I would state first the current system of media in the Philippines that made me come up with my ideal media system. The current media system in our country, even though it prides itself as the “freest in Asia”, we know that the media is still regulated by the government. Aside from this, we know that media ownership has only two types.

The Public and Private Ownership. Public owned media outlets are owned and controlled by the Government. The Private media outlets are owned and controlled by private companies.

The public owned media outlets, like Channel 4, for example, reports about news and current situations of the country. The Private owned media outlets also reports news and showcase entertainment. Private owned media outlets are profit oriented. The problem with public or state-owned media outlets is that they don’t report about what really happens in the country. Yes, they report about the current affairs of the country, but by being controlled and owned by the state, I don’t think they will be fair and just when it comes to reporting abuses and negligence of the government. ThePrivate owned media outlet has problems too. As it is profit oriented, they tend to be selective on what to report just like the public owned media outlets.

They tend to be bias, for example, being selective on what to report about somebody. My ideal media system is one that genuinely serves the people. One that shows the reality of the situation and does not sensationalize everything.

One that is unbiased and shows the truth. A media system that fights corruption within themselves. A system that isn’t controlled by their own greed. One that is willing to take risks and not afraid to gather true information and spread it. One that uses freedom to fight injustices in the country. This media system of course should compose of genuinely dedicated media practitioners as they play the most important role in media outlets. Future media practitioners should know and value the role they play in disseminating information. Future media practitioners should know the importance of unbiased reporting and should know the importance of news and how media and information affects the daily lives of the citizens that they’re delivering news to.

A media system that composed of media practitioners that values honesty, above all, is a media system that is ideal to me. In order to attain this media system, media practitioners that will belong to this must be knowledgeable about the long history of the struggles of the media not only in our country but also globally. It is for them to continue to fight for freedom of the press and other democratic rights, as I think; they can be the first ones to see injustices in society as journalists and media practitioners gets first-hand in information. They also plays a vital role in fighting injustices as they can evoke and wake citizens up by the news and information that they tackle and report. 3. Using the five core concepts of MIL, analyze and evaluate one media text of your choice. Include the full title and/or copy or link to the text.

(1000 WORDS) http://www.juicyexpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/bella-padilla-fhm.jpg The media text I used is FHM’s March 2012 magazine cover.

FHM is a men’s lifestyle magazine.The first core concept is all media messages are constructed. Media messages are built and processed thoroughly. Now, what is the purpose of the magazine cover and why did it became a controversy? Is the media message poorly or greatly constructed or it depends on your own understanding of the message? The magazine cover became a controversy because it is tagged as racist. The title concept “Stepping out of the shadows” actually sounds very problematic especially with a visual of a light-skinned model with dark-skinned girls surrounding her. I think that the first core concept is very much not given attention as the message and the visual is poorly constructed. Media and information literate individual and those who media person who constructs media messages such as this must always be aware and knowledgeable about the current happenings to be able to construct messages appropriately. The second core concept is Media messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules.

I think this can explain the message of the magazine cover. Does creative language means putting dark-skinned models to highlight a light-skinned model? Yes, you can use creative languages, visuals and other creative forms to express creatively the messages of your media text but personally, I think that you should know up to what extent you should use you creative languages. You should also know that you use creative languages not in the expense of other people. You should not make using creative languages to express your media message an excuse to your wrongdoings. The third core concept is Different people experience the same media message differently. This means that different people have different interpretation of the same media messages because they experience things differently. I think this explains the backlash that the magazine received after they released that cover. The negative comments means that audiences knows and understands the struggles of POC and to use POC in such manner that is degrading should always be criticized and called out.

Those who did not see anything wrong with the magazine cover means that they experience differently than those that criticized the magazine cover. This core concept is very important as this can use to learn about the experiences of the people who give feedbacks about your media text.The fourth core concept is Media have embedded values and points of view. This core concept shows how media text carry values and point of views. In FHM’s magazine cover, I think they gave much point of view and representation to the light-skinned model. I do not think the magazine cover embed values. The fifth core concept is Most media messages are organized to gain profit and/or power. Because most of media outlets are, private owned and controlled, it is not new to us that they are profit oriented.

That they create media texts to gain profit. The magazine cover, because it became a controversy, naturally draw people’s attention. I think when media manipulates media texts or messages, that is when they create or gain profit.


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