Zigbee control profile to implement an RF rather

Zigbee is a software protocol and technology that uses the 802.15.4 transceiver as a base.The technology is inexpensive to run and doesn’t require a lot of power, making it an ideal solution for many industrial applications. The technology has a low latency, and a low duty cycle, allowing products to maximize battery life.Zigbees the standard of the ZigBee Alliance.

It provides a complete protocol stack designed to implement multiple types of radio networks that include point-to-point, tree, star, and point-to-multipoint.ts main feature is the ability to build large mesh networks for sensor monitoring. And, it can handle up to 65,000 nodes.ZigBee also provides profiles or software routines that implement specific applications for consumer home automation, building automation, and industrial control.

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Examples include building automation for lighting and HVAC control, as well as smart meters that implement home-area network connections in automated electric meters.Low-power versions are used in health care for remote patient monitoring and similar applications. A lighting profile is available for LED lighting fixtures and their control. There is also a ZigBee remote control profile to implement an RF rather than infrared remote control for consumer TV and other devices. ZigBee is used in factory automation and can be used in many M2M and Internet of Things applications as well.


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