ZTBL well as by granting loans and

ZTBL is the only financial institution working towards the development of agriculture and rural sector by providing financial services as well as by granting loans and providing technical knowhow to the farmers by issuing loans on low interest rates to assist farmers in the development of agriculture sector. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) older name was Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan (ADBP)., ZTBL is AAA+ credit rating institution.

ZTBL started its business as a Public Limited Company on 14th December, 2002 through repeal of ADB Ordinance of 1961. The rebuilding of previous ADBP is being completed with the intend to inspire the agriculture and rural segment by raising farm productivity, streamlining the institutional credit and increasing income generating capacity of the farming community. ZTBL is now registered as a public limited company registered under companies Ordinance1984 with an independent Board of Directors. The bank has a wide network of 32 Zonal Offices, 9 Audit Zones and 492 branches in the country as on 31 December 2017. More than half of the branches of ZTBL are located in Punjab which is approximately 54% and in Sindh (21%) followed by 14% in KPK and 7% in Baluchistan 3% AJK and 2% in GBC. ZTBL is a key R.F.I of Pakistan providing affordable, rural and agriculture financial and non-financial services to the rural Pakistan, comprising 68 % of the total population.

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ZTBL has a nation-wide network of 492 branches and is serving more than half a million farmers annually and over one million accumulated account holders with the average loan size of around Rs.162331 serving 68%, 29% & 3 % of subsistence, economic and large growers respectively. The total assets of the Bank stand at Rs.123 billion with authorized capital of Rs.25 billion as of 31.12.

2017. The bank has more than 5789 employees which are working in different departments all over the country doing field jobs or office jobs. ZTBL provides its customers various products and services like Treasury, Bank Accounts, Many Agricultural Loan Schemes, Locker Facility, Home Remittances, Clearing Operations and Deposit Protection Mechanism.


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